50 Great Ideas from 11 Experts

The Network for Good do these great free E-Books and the latest is a great (short) read. Click on the picture below and just fill in your email address etc…and you can download it. A great way to start the week. As a taster here are the first five from Jeff Brooks

  1. Don’t ask your donors to solve hugeproblems; ask them to solve solvableproblems.
  2. Replace at least one sentence that’sabout you with one that’s about yourdonor.
  3. Ignore your brand guidelines. They areall about you, not about your donors, and that will hurt yourfundraising.
  4. Overdo it. Be too dramatic. Too emotional. Too strong. It’s a loteasier to tone it down than it is to pump up weak and underdonecopy.
  5. The best fundraisers are also donors; giving isn’t theoretical tothem – they know how good it feels to give

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