Pennies for Life

I have spoken before about money in coin and loose change. But now it seems that loose change is going online, you have probably heard of Ploink (the online piggy bank) and now I have come across Pennies for Life that piggy backing on something people are doing anyway.

When you Sign up to Pennies for Life on twitter a penny goes into your ‘pot’ each time you tweet or post on facebook. You set a target (when you sign up) and then when you reach your set target, you can use PayPal to donate them to Pennies for Life.

The MicroLoan Foundation will take all the pennies and turn them into small loans to help women to set up their own small businesses.

When they pay us back (and 99% do), we’ll lend the money again to another group of women. And so on, and so on, in an entirely virtuous circle.

Nice Idea


2 thoughts on “Pennies for Life

  1. Hi Conor – thanks for mentioning us – glad you like the idea!

    Deniz @MicroLoan

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