Getting individuals to support your work

Of course if I had a definitive answer I would be very rich! So there are many many ways to do this, Im bringing it up because a few weeks ago on Twitter Jamie Strachan asked if anyone had any ideas of how to get individuals to support the work his organisation was doing. What I said to Jamie, and its one way I have seen success with is to try and piggy back on something that they are doing already.

We so often try and create events and occassions for people to attend or take part in, when really people are busy enough with life to find the time. So finding linking in to their busy lifestyle is a great way to break down (one) of the barriers to fundraising. Think about what your organisation does, how can that relate to your target markets daily life, then try link the two together.

Not easy I know, but the ideas are there. And the bonus could be that if you link to daily life, you link to a company that sells that product…Sponsor on board!


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