Facebook Tips for NGO’s

A few weeks ago Fundraising Ireland put on another fantastic “Communicating your Cause in Challenging Times” . One of the speakers was Nikki Lannen from Facebook. After the event was over I asked Nikki if she would be able to share her thoughts for readers of this blog. So today I am delighted to be able to share her Facebook Tips for NGO’s

For NGO’s in Ireland, Facebook could prove to be an invaluable communication platform to reach out to greater numbers of people and engage them with their organisations. With over 500 million active users and over 100,000 not-for-profit pages it is not hard to see why joining the community could be beneficial. Every time a user interacts with your page, ‘liking’, posting or commenting, their actions are shared on their own news feed, spreading the conversation virally amongst their own friends. The power of recommendation will increase engagement with your brand and drive users to your page. For more information see:  Facebook pages tool and Non Profits on Facebook

Some great examples of Non Profits on Facebook:

Make your Facebook page work for you

Here are some hints and tips that Facebook would recommend:

1. Be personal, educational and think about your audience – speak directly to your users, supply them with the information they require in a format that is easy to understand and suitable for your target audience

2. Create content worth sharing – by providing engaging, quality content you will ensure users return to your page and are more likely to engage with you in return

3. Join the conversation – if users are commenting on a post you made on your page, join them. This will give your brand a tangible voice and persona

4. Make the best use of relevant tools – There are more than 550,000 active applications available on the Facebook platform. Use them innovatively to make your page unique

5. Continue to grow your connections and promote your page – build relations with similar organisations where you are likely to find users interested in your organization by ‘liking’ their page and engaging with them through posting links and comments

6. Promote your page – provide links in advertising material and your company email signature

7. Make your website ‘social’ – Install our social plugins, allowing Facebook users to ‘like’ content, create recommendations and see an activity feed, amongst other features. This activity links back to the user’s personal profile page and spreads your brand further

8. Use your partners – Encourage links to your Facebook page on any supporters’ websites

9. Drive customer awareness – Utilise the Facebook ads tool to further increase your page membership. Ads can be targeted specifically by gender, age, location, language and interests meaning that your organisation can reach the right audience.


4 thoughts on “Facebook Tips for NGO’s

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  2. Facebook do open oportunity to many people and organization both commercial and non-commercial. However, the most important thing. It is important to spent time in facebook marketing but don’t get it too over that waste your time also.

  3. I am of the opinion thal all NGO’s here in SA should develop a FaceBook site. Once this is done the site requires attention on a daily basis

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