Join the Board of Fundraising Ireland

Fundraising Ireland has grown so much in its short three years, it has delivered some incredible seminars and conferences and it is on the verge of announcing its membership programme. Its success has come about largely due to a group of committed volunteers who take the shape of its Board of Directors and this year saw the arrival of Ed Hurrell as Business Development Manager. This is certainly an exciting time for Fundraising Ireland and they are now seeking nominations for new board members.

At present there are vacancies on the board for four additional elected members. This will bring the membership of the Board to a total of ten people. If you would like to give your skills and knowledge to assist Fundraising Ireland in achieving its important mission then we encourage you to submit a nomination form. Please read the Guidelines for Nominations and Elections Process before completing a nominations form.

Good Luck to those who put their names forward


2 thoughts on “Join the Board of Fundraising Ireland

  1. Nominations have only been open a few days and we already have some great nominations for the Board. It is an exciting time for Fundraising Ireland with, as Conor said a membership programme in the final stages of development, a new website in the design phase, a pilot mentoring programme and much more.

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