The Diarrhoea Song

visit the site here, thanks to Amanda for sharing it


5 thoughts on “The Diarrhoea Song

    • Hi Ed,

      Thanks for the comment. I normally agree with Jeff but not sure I do in this instance (although he is spot on about no direction on the ad for website, call to action….I missed that!). I think this is a great ad, I think it does stop people in their tracks, and it, in my opinion, makes people think about children who are dying from something that probably wouldn’t kill a child in England. I still like it!! Thanks for the comment, great to have debate and opinions about things like this, appreciate it


  1. Funny you should say that Conor – the ad came on TV last night and they had added plenty of proper DM stuff (case-study, what the money did, web links, phone numbers etc) after the song and the ad was more effective because of it.

    Also, my wife – who is not particularly interested in fundraising, marketing or charities – watched it with me and thought it was very ‘effective’.

    Personally, I still think the song is too ‘look-at-us-aren’t-we-clever-and-funny’, and would raise far more money if done straight with a clear, coherent and single-minded proposition.

    The fact that it was on mainstream TV suggests the brand bods have got themselves involved and in my experience, this doesn’t bode well for income.

    • Glad to hear they added some calls to action on the ad. I see where you are coming from on the “look at us arent we clever”….I guess the proof of its success (or lack of) will be the amount they raise (if thats their measure of success?)

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