Questions your donors want answered

I just came across this again, I must have forgotten to post it when I wrote it! I was reading on the brilliant  A Small Change Blog about the book The 11 Questions Every Donor Asks and the Answers All Donors Crave. Jason provided a really useful summary of the 11 questions in the book:

Why me? “Remember that me is everyone’s favorite subject.”

Why are you asking me? “If you have genuine passion for the cause, it’ll show through, lending comfort to the donor and credibility to your ask.”

Do I respect you? “When people trust you, they’re open to what you have to say.”

Why your organization? “What makes you unique and different.”

Will my gift make a difference? “How their financial support will change and improve the life of a fellow human being.”

Is there an urgent reason to give? “The faster the gift comes in, the sooner you can aid the people needing help.”

Is it easy to give? “Look for ways to make it easy for donors to give”

How will I be treated? “Show kindness at all giving levels.”

Will I have a say over how you use my gift? “While some donors want control, most will trust your organization to spend their gift wisely”

How will you measure results? “These serve to reassure the donor that she’s made a wise investment in you.”


One thought on “Questions your donors want answered

  1. Dear Sir. We are writting to you from East Africa where we run a project called Shelter East Africa. Our focus is on women, young girls, orphans and refugees. We train them on skills like cookery, hair dressing, small farming and tailouring. We are kindly requesting for information on how we can get funding through your esteemed organisation. At the moment we have 980 dependants and we are proud to have assisted 600 people acquire skills and know they are able to sustain themselves and their families, hence eradicating poverty. Kindly let us know how you can help us help others. Thank you

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