Free You Tube Video


This year for Content is King 2010 on Nov 16th we are doing a YouTube experiment whereby we will create a YouTube movie to promote an Irish charity.

With this project we have one objective; we want to make a movie that will be viewed thousands of times, that will be passed on from person to person, and that might even go viral.

The finished movie will feature as a centre piece of “Content is King 2010” and will be analysed by a panel of experts, in addition to receiving an individual media campaign in the run up to the conference.

For Content is King 2009 we produced “DJ Hip Op” to promote positive ageing for Age Action Ireland, which to date has received over 20,000 hits and was featured on Morning Ireland, and in the national press.

How to enter

If you are a registered charity and are interested in participating please email and we will email you back an entry form. Entries will close on September 17th 2010.

The finished movie will be produced by TV producer and director Tom Johnson, and shot and edited by Niall Sheerin.

Find out more about Content is King 2010 here

Here is the DJ Hip Op Video


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