24 Hour Web Design Challenge

Here’s another possible freebie for you! Darragh Doyle posted about this on twitter the other night. 24 The Web is a 24 hour web design challenge, where teams of people build websites for a charity in 24 hours. The event will take place from 13th-14th November. They will be looking for (irish) charities that need a website and meet the following requirements:

  • You could never afford a website in a million years. (If you can afford one, hire a reputable designer/agency and have them build one for you – it’s a smart investment.) Plus we don’t want to take work away from people.
  • You have great content – photos, stories and copy. (We only have 24 hours so we need a decent amount of material to work with – remember you may need permission if you’ve pictures of children.)
  • You have someone who will keep your site up-to-date in the future. (We want to make you a living site that works hard for you.)

They can only pick three charities and there will be a form on the website soon so you can nominate your charity. Find out more about the whole event here


6 thoughts on “24 Hour Web Design Challenge

  1. Stu here – thanks for help spreading the word about this, really appreciate it.

  2. Great post on 24 Hour Web Design Challenge

  3. Thanks a good sharing.

  4. It is tiring talking to business owners that don’t understand what web designers have known for years. A website is an extension of a brand and represents the owner online. A cheap website says cheap owner and so on. One day maybe…

  5. I have found it easier to explain to the owner how it helps their bottom line rather than try to sell them a website. I tried talking to owners at first about how i can build them a nice website where people can go to look at what they sell. Instead, now I talk to them about how it can increase their bottom line by the amount of people now able to see who they are and not only like what they see, but find them when currently they are missing out on over 70% of the market due to the consumer not even knowing they exist. I hope this helps.

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