F**K Cancer

Peter Connor from Green Apple Media sent me this link the other day. It reminded me of the B**locks to Poverty stuff Action Aid are doing or Blame Drews Cancer and seems to represent a bit of a trend in edgier campaigns being run by organisations. Like B**locks to poverty F**K Cancer is trying to make people stop and take notice of the cause.

This particular campaign wants you to donate your wall posts in F-tember (September). You can decide how often you

will donate your posts (daily, weekly). I donated my posts but actually found that people didnt know that it was a donated post (I think it should have said Post donated to F-Temeber…then the content).

I like the look and feel of the campaign and the site is clever, it would have been great when I uploaded my picture if I could have automatically uploaded to my facebook and twitter profiles (instead I had to save it and upload it).

Of course this not going to be something for everyone, it would make a lot of boards uncomfortable, but lets face it cancer is emotive, cancer is something you want to say F* off too, so I think it works.

Here’s an article from Mashable about the campaign and a link to the campaign itself


3 thoughts on “F**K Cancer

  1. Since when has swearing been ‘edgy’? I can’t think of anyone under the age of 12 that would think saying fuck is somehow edgy or cool?

    This sort of fundraising campaign leaves me completely and utterely cold.

    However, I see from the posts that people are writing some pretty emotive personal stuff; so I guess it works for an audience out there – I haven’t had anyone close to me beat or die from cancer, which perhaps explains it?

    But I also note that having scrolled through over 50 posts, not a single donation had been made – goes to show yet again that ‘cool’ or ‘edgy’ campaigns aimed at young people can raise awareness, but not money.

    • Hi Ed
      Sorry didnt get a chance to reply to this earlier. I like you taking me to task on my use of the word edgy! Possibly not the best word to use. I guess I was trying to suggest its a bit different to the normal run of the mill campaigns. Ill be honest Im a bigger fan of ideas like Blame Drews Cancer…I think thats just as effective (if not more so) than the blatant F Cancer. At the same time people who have been hit by cancer, do want to say F you cancer. Im not sure this is actually a fundraising campaign though, is it?

      Thanks again for commenting, really great to have conversations about posts


  2. I agree, the Blame Drews Cancer thing was more effective as it told a personal story – but to be fair, from the content of the posts, some people do seem to be relating to the f-word when it comes to their experience of cancer, so it obviously does resonate with some people.

    It’s not strictly-speaking a fundraising-only campaign, but they have donate options so were obviously hoping for some donations.

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