Think Big – O2 and Headstrong

Yesterday O2 Ireland launched its new social responsibility initative Think Big. I met with Elaine from O2 last week and she was telling me about the plans…and it is very exciting.

Essentially they are looking for groups of young people (14-25 years old) to think about projects that they could do in their local area to promote mental wellbeing for young people. The groups are asked to submit their ideas through a special website and then they will be contacted if they are successful (they will also be contacted if they arent successful and given suggestions about how they could tweak the application and try again)

The successful applications will be given some cash to get their project up and running, they will also get a phone and probably even better they will be assigned a mentor who will work with them and make sure they get their project off the ground.

When I first heard about this I was worried that it was going to be a “voting” contest type event…which I don’t like. So I am glad it is not. This is really about getting young people to think about their local area and make a difference for mental wellbeing (and thats the link with Headstrong).

O2 did some great work with Irish Autism during their partnership together and I imagine this one will be just as successful. Check it out here


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