Artez Launches Mobile Fundraising App

They seem to be coming thick and fast, which is a good thing. This new app (in beta) was announced by Artez yesterday.

James Appleyard, Chairman, Artez Interactive says that “We have seen how powerful online fundraising can be for charitable organizations; the move to mobile will now allow consumers to ‘donate’ anywhere and everywhere. It takes the entire web fundraising experience and puts it in your hand.” he continues “At the end of the day, we want to help charities raise as much money as possible at the lowest cost. The full suite of web, social networking and mobile applications from Artez is now at the forefront of fundraising innovation, and we are committed to introducing new and innovative ways for charities to reach supporters,”

“What we have done is created an app framework that we will customize with our charitable partners’ brands and campaigns so they get a tailor-made fundraising app, completely managed by Artez, in less time and at less cost than if they had commissioned one themselves,” said Appleyard.

Artez have collaborated with PayPal on this new app to ensure security, functionality and a fast and easy donation process.

I think the fact that the application is integrated with Facebook, Twitter and allows fundraisers to post updates, via the app, about their fundraising, does make it more interactive. I hope it is hugely successful, it can only be a good development if these apps are embraced, I always say that for fundraising to work it has to be easy for people and this cant make it any easier. So I will continue to watch this applications development, and developments of other apps. Im just not convinced that people will want an application on their phone to donate.

What are your thoughts?


One thought on “Artez Launches Mobile Fundraising App

  1. Hello Conor, I came across your blog today and enjoying several articles. Since you wrote this particular article, have you seen any increase in interest of this type of functionality? participants to share their cell with potential donors to collect donations vs having paper donation forms etc. We’re considering this app as we use artez. And wonder with our teen participants if this would enhance their ability to collect donations vs carrying around a paper pledge form. Thank you.

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