Best Pink Campaign

So October is the month of Pink. There is always lots of debate about Pink campaigns, some people like them, some dont, others think there isnt enough money going to breast cancer, is it just pink washing? Either way it is one of the biggest fundraising campaigns/months.

I havent seen anything all that innovative so far…what is the best pink campaign you have seen?


3 thoughts on “Best Pink Campaign

  1. This is the best I have seen –
    Very well known but a fantastic viral campaign in America.

    The month of Pink is a little worn now, it would be nice to rejuvenate this. Maybe an idea is to even focus on the fact that men too can also suffer from breast cancer; maybe an awareness campaign that has been forgotten becuase of the pink brand?

    • Hi Gemma,

      I hadnt seen that video…its nice. Lots of views too!! Do you think pink is a little worn now? Maybe thats what it is. I agree it would be great to re-juvenate it. It doesnt seem as exciting as it was a few years ago. On my walk through the city centre this morning I saw very few people wear pink (and today is the big push day) actually made me think should they have been handing ribbons out for free! No one else has sent me through anything really innovative, online or offline yet. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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