The Future of Print Ads

In March I posted about the future of Radio Ads and today (via Simply Zesty) I came across what could be the future of Print Ads. This is really impressive.


7 thoughts on “The Future of Print Ads

  1. I just love this stuff…presumably a persuasive NGO could get their ad agency to push the boat out and produce something innovative for them…certainly strikes me as the way to go in terms of Direct Response!!

  2. Hi Conor – great video and very clever, but it has to come with a big caveat…

    Basically the advert is inaccessible to the 85%+ of consumers that don’t have an i-phone and who are unlikely to ever have one!

    It almost instantly relegates them to feeling like second class citizens, so although I love the principle and creativity, I still think we’re a few years away from being able to fully utilise this sort of innovation for fundraising (though that shouldn’t stop us from trying!)

    Thanks for sharing



    • Hi Craig
      Thanks for the comment, yes this is a kind of early adoption of the technology and may well have alienated non iPhone users (I wonder did they research that?).

      I think what I like about this is the possibility, what the future (and I think not too distant future) could hold. I’m pretty impressed by it.

      PS Are there really 85% of population without iPhones? Feels like every second person has one!!

      • Hi Conor

        It’s defintely impressive.

        I was at a talk and the speaker’s subject was about how everyone in the creative media industry is tech savvy and has i-phones etc, but then showed the stats of % of users my handset. She warned marketers not to get hung up on the cool new things, but to also consider what the majority used.

        The stats are here:

        The old Nokia’s (this was last year) was still by far the most popular handset.

        I guess it’s just the cool, hip, young things we hang around that makes it seem like everyone has an i-phone. 😉

        It’s a bit like Macs – low market share, but considered cool and popular.



      • thats interesting for sure..and yeh you cant forget the non iphone folks. Would love to see where those stats are at now.

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