Simple Feelgood Idea – The Thank You Project

I was invited to attend the launch of the Thank You book by the Irish Hospice Foundation yesterday. When I got the invitation I thought, interesting, but just another charity book launch. I was wrong.

This is a wonderful feelgood project that goes way beyond the book, in fact this has the potential to become a Movement. The idea is simple the Irish Hospice Foundation are launching a National Day of Thank You, they want people to stop and say thank you to someone, for something, anything. As Bill Hughes said at the launch “imagine if everyone in Ireland woke up that day to a thank you card in their post”. Thats a really nice idea.

And of course the foundation are selling you cards  (and e-cards) which you can send your thank yous on (so yes it hopes to raise money from this). The book is also part of the campaign and they are encouraging people to buy the book and then take the time to capture things they feel grateful about.

As someone who is doing a degree in the area I really enjoyed listening to Psychologist Marie Murray. She pointed out at the launch that there are health benefits to being grateful, scientific research shows that people who express their gratitude daily are 25% happier and healthier than those who dont!

I tend not to post about specific fundraising projects, so why this one? Well I like that its a really simple idea. As I listened to the explanation of the project unfold and the background to it, I couldnt stop thinking about the add-ons to the campaign. I also liked the idea of the Thank You Day, a day that focuses the mind is always good, and this is also piggy-backing on something that people tend to do (maybe not as much as we should). There is also an incredibly good feeling about this campaign, in fact I think there is so much that can be done around this that could really create an incredible  movement.

Read more about the project here. Sinead O’Connor has also released a version of Thank You For Hearing Me for the campaign (cant find the link to the song on the site, but it will be there soon…in the meantime here is another version of it)


3 thoughts on “Simple Feelgood Idea – The Thank You Project

  1. Thanks Conor! Couldn’t help myself.

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