Facebook Vomit!

I have been talking to people a lot about Facebook Vomit lately. Sounds gross…but its more annoying that gross. Facebook Vomit is where your brand over posts on facebook….or spews information out onto your news feed like a technicolour yawn!

I have been of the opinion that knee jerk posting (ie “sure stick that up on Facebook”) leads to facebook vomit. And now research has come out to back it up. DDB carried out research across six countries and found that:

“Thirty-six percent of the respondents said they’ve unsubscribed from a brand page. Why? Because they lost interest in the brand, the page’s content came too frequently…” (source AdWeek)

So don’t just go onto Facebook because you think you have to be there and when you are there don’t just post content for the sake of it or too often. Have a content strategy and publishing schedule (contact me if you would like some help developing one).

Follow some of the big brands and see what they are doing and read the DDB report article from AdWeek


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