She is a good story teller

I was listening to Ray D’Arcy (on TodayFM) earlier this week and Agony Aunt Denise Robertson was on to talk about a charity she works with, The Bubble Foundation.

She was fantastic and an incredible story teller, I was so engaged in what she had to say. She told the listeners how “shellshocked parents” would travel with their children to get the help of the foundation and when she started working with them “6 out of ten children died” but now “1 out of ten dies”

In about 20 seconds she managed to paint a picture, tell me about how bad things were and then tell me how the charity has improved things, but yet there is still a need.

She went on to tell a story about a child who was in a bubble for 6 months being looked after and another child who lost their mother just before they had to go into the bubble.

You should listen to her interview, it is about 40 minutes in, just click the link . It is a great example of how to do what we do well, by someone who isnt really a fundraiser, she is just a good story teller.



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