Fundraising Because….

Lots of people do lots of fundraising for lots of organisations every day all over the world. As professionals we have targets and set goals and look how we are doing on that basis.

Being involved with two events recently reminded me to always take the time to step back and think about the people who are taking part in events and, even though I probably won’t know the answer, at least ask the question or remind myself that a person is fundraising because….

Because it is possible that something in their life has compelled them to care about your cause. It could very easily be personal, and therefore their involvement with you is personal.

Of course it may be that they think your fundraising event is cool (movember has tapped into that).

But even then there could be personal motivations.

It’s just important for us to remember this when we review our campaigns, people are more than just a number aren’t they


One thought on “Fundraising Because….

  1. Conor, this is right on point. I think it applies to donors too but more so to fundraisers. If someone is voluntarily taking up the mantle of an organization voluntarily and generating donations, then it has to be personal otherwise it wouldn’t work. Raising money is too difficult to do otherwise. As organizations continue to tap into ways to help people raise money, the key to success may not be in the technology or the system, but more so in the ability of the organization to get personal and understand the fundraiser’s motivation. We’ve seen ordinary families raise ten’s of thousands of dollars because it helps them cope with the loss of a loved one or to rally around a victim in their circle. Orgs should recognize and foster this type of mobilization if they want their fundraiser’s to be successful.

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