Memory Ribbon

A few weeks ago I asked for some help with something I was involved with for the Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland. We had an incredible response with some really smart and generous people coming to an early morning meeting to give us some feedback and advice on a campaign. For over an hour we were given brilliant feedback and then made as many changes as we could before the site went live.

I would highly recommend this approach to people. Taking a step back and getting people from the outside to look in really gets you inside the mind of your potential donors and gets you outside your own perceptions of your campaign.

Anyway the campaign was the memory ribbon campaign, the idea is to allow people create an online memory of a loved one and place it on the online tree. The response has been really good with people leaving some amazing memories on the tree.

Here is a link to the site

If you would like to create a ribbon just go to the site, it’s free to create and if you like you can make a donation too. Please feel free to share, tweet or post about this if you can

Finally here is a lovely memory Karla has of her grandad


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