I’ve been meaning to post about Fastival for a while, since I heard the first ads for it. What is Fastival, well it is an add-on to the traditional Concern 24 hours Fast.

While you’re fasting for Concern, we thought the least we can do is to provide you with some entertainment to make the hours fly by. So, to help you celebrate this great cause with other fasters, we’ve organised loads of events across the country.

I think that Concern have really raised the bar with this one. They aren’t just offering free stuff to their ‘fasters’, if they did I don’t think it would work for them, instead they are offering to support them. They are recognising that fasting for 24 hours is hard and Im guessing that they have done a good bit of digging into the profiles of their ‘fasters’ and have recognised that this kind of support will be something they would like. (I wonder did they even do focus groups to find out?).


3 thoughts on “Fastival

  1. Hi Conor,
    Thanks for the great blog, we’re all really thrilled that you think it’s a good concept. We’ll find out today!! You’re right though, we did do focus groups and they were so worthwhile.
    If you’d like to chat about the campaign any time just let me know.
    Thanks again for the support,

    • Thanks Natalie, would love to hear about how it goes over all, any feedback you get from people who took part etc..? Well done again

  2. Agree. Saw some stuff on this last week. Smart. And linked into trends to do stuff for community, not just self.

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