Nominations for Best Christmas Campaign 2010

Im a bit late this year with this, but think it was quite an interesting exercise last year. So I would love you to nominate your best Christmas Campaign for 2010. It can be

  • a campaign you have seen and really like,
  • your own charities campaign
  • something you wish you had done
  • a marketing campaign
  • a tv or radio ad
  • anything at all really!

This year what I would like to do is compile as many nominations as possible and then create a shortlist and ask people to vote on that short list. So if you have a campaign you want to nominate please email me

tell me about the campaign (maybe link me to more information, send me a version of the campaign). I will close off nominations on December 9th, so get nominating

And now for something festive!



2 thoughts on “Nominations for Best Christmas Campaign 2010

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