Greyston Bakery

I just came across these guys via the brandgym. They are the Greyston Bakery and they make brownies….do-goodie brownies. Look at what it says on the top of their site, makes it easy to understand why they exist doesnt it!

A computer for a tenner!

That is what Camara Learning are offering. Of course you dont get the computer, but you get to send the computer to a school in Africa. This organisation is a social enterprise and it takes redundant computers and fixes them up before they ship them to their Learning Centres across Africa. Really simple, focussed and clever idea.

25 reasons Chris Lake will leave your site in 10 seconds!

This is  a great piece by Chris Lake posted on EConsultancy. Some of the stuff here most of you will know but always useful reminders. Things like:

  • Key information missing
  • Too much scrolling/flashing
  • PR speak/jargon

Worth a read, just click here



FREE Web Analysis

When you get told about something for free you think, where is the catch (well I do!). But this offer seems to be exactly what it says on the tin.

I was contacted by Emer Kirrane a few weeks back asking if I would be interested in posting about Analysis Exchange and regretably it took me a while to get around to it.

Essentially here is how it works:

The purpose of the Analysis Exchange is to provide “on-the-job” training for those interested in web analysis while offering free analytical insight to non-profit organisations. Each project is made up of a triad of oozy giving; the student, who does the analysis; the mentor, who provides ongoing feedback and direction; the organisation – which benefits from gaining insight into current online efforts and getting recommendations for optimisation.

The process takes two or three weeks and begins with the goals for the project being determined between mentor and organisation. The student then steams ahead with an analysis based on these goals, tapping the mentor for advice and feedback along the way. At the end of the period, the findings are presented to the organisation and then everyone breaks for ice-cream before grading each other on their participation (a highly exciting back-to-school feeling).

If you would like to be analysed just click here

Anyone can give 2million!

There was an article in the daily mail last tuesday about a couple (Bernadette and Toby Young) who are planning to donate 2 million pounds to charity in their lifetime!

And they arent multi-millionaires

They are doing it by comitting to give 10% of their income to charity, so far this has amounted to 50,000 pounds and they believe as they become more successful this will total 2 million in their lifetime. They have made sacrifices, it has meant they havent gone on dream holidays, they havent been able to save the deposit for a house.

It is a pretty incredible story and as we try to really build and create a culture of philanthropy (that isnt just focussed on the ultra wealthy) I think that this couple should be appointed Ambassadors for Philanthropy

We clearly can’t expect everyone to follow in the footsteps of the Young’s, but even if their story got people thinking about planned giving, and even giving away 1-2% of their income to charity, wouldnt it be a great thing?

Read the full article here and Thanks to Phil from Aidlink who sent me this article.

Get off twitter if….

Inspired by a frustrating lack of a response for a particular large charity (check my twitter stream for Dec 5th  if you want to see who) I really want to say to organisations that if you are on twitter to broadcast, if you are not going to respond, communicate and engage, then log on to your twitter account, go to settings and delete your account!