The negative approach

Is one, that anyone who reads this blog will know, I am just not a fan of. So I was a little frustrated the other day when I was sent a press release and asked to post about it when the headline read one in ten to reduce charitable giving.

My initial reaction was…what about the other 9 in ten that arent planning on reducing charitable giving.

Information and press releases like these are so damaging. They do nothing to encourage giving and I think as a donor I would be a bit miffed at the fact that those that are planning on not giving (for probably great reasons) are the ones we, as a sector talk about. What about the other 9, shouldn’t we celebrate them and their giving and focus on that.

Maybe not surprsingly (to a cynic like me) this wonderful piece of research and spin was created by a company trying to flog their wares to the charity sector!

As it happens I applaud what this crowd (giveonthemobile) are trying to do, they want to provide a mobile based donation platform that is secure and simple to use. It also aims to allow charities to claim back gift aid, and anything that makes that easier has to be a good thing. They also seem to already have some very happy clients (make a wish, christain aid)

It is another mobile giving application, and I have posted about some before, but am yet to be convinced that someone would download a giving app to their phone (trust me I want to be proved wrong).

Anyway, my rant is almost over! I understand everything isn’t rosey out there (trust me!) and I know that not everyone is able to give as they used to, but I think as a sector we shouldnt accept, allow and promote the kind of headlines that giveonthemobile sent out. Its negative and does nothing to help.

(note: i had this discussion over email with giveonthemobile and explained I would be posting in this context about their release, and fair play they didnt ask me not to, I also wished them well, and still do, with this venture)



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