Virtual Christmas Gifts

The idea of buying a virtual charity gift for someone has been around for a while and more and more are cropping up and we are being encouraged to buy all sorts of gifts. I have been a bit skeptical of them in the past, although they clearly work. Mostly my skepticism has been around the fact that you very often see a disclaimer that says “this represents the kind of thing we can do with your donation” or something to that affect. This kind of takes the good out of it for me. I was, therefore, thrilled to see that Trocaire’s global gifts say “your donation buys the gift in the local area”. So if you decide to buy a solar light for someone this year, your donation will actually go and buy a solar light for someone in Uganda.

Trocaire have also put a lot of work into demonstrating the impact of the gifts, they have a flickr account showing images of people who have benefitted, and a you tube account. They are also using their facebook page well by having global gifts as the landing tab.

All in all a really well executed christmas gift campaign


3 thoughts on “Virtual Christmas Gifts

  1. Nice post Conor. These sorts of campaigns are quite popular in Canada and the US as well and tend to do well enough – and having just finished one for CAMH (, I know of the challenges around that kind of symbolic gift language… Anyhow, you’ve given me some good ideas for next year – or rather- Trocaire has – so thank you for sharing.

  2. John, thanks for the comment and I like the CAMH site, some clever gifts there

  3. Thanks Conor – i had little control over the design of the website, but part of the strategy for the DM and Online was to repackage a bunch of random girls into bundles (which has seemed to significantly make a difference in the bottom line). The other part was total integration with print, online, eblasts and social media. cheers!

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