The Science of Facebook!

This is some great information from Dan Zarella. In the post he looks through some of the science of Facebook, things like Readability of Facebook sharing and days of week for posts. Worth taking a look at

(Source: SEOMOZ)

World Non Profit & Social Marketing Conference

Following on from the 2008 conference in Brighton this conference will bring together those interested in applying strategic communications, marketing and behaviour change methodology to solve key social challenges. Speakers will be from areas such as social marketing, the behavioural sciences, strategic communications, health promotion, community engagement, policy development and advocacy, and more.

Themes that will be used to structure the conference key notes, parallel programme and workshops will be:

  • Rational and Non rational behaviour and how to influence it
  • Intersectoral collaboration to tackle behavioural challenges
  • Global learning systems including the new Global Social Marketing Network

Taking place in Citywest Dublin on April 11 & 12, you can book tickets here

If its not in your local, sell your house

Last year I posted about how we can sometimes operate within a bubble of the importance of the projects we are working on, they are all consuming to us, but it is important to step outside of them and challenge how effective they are for people who are outside of this bubble.

At the time I said

I certainly think that we need to make our communications clearer so they stand out……. stuff I did see seemed to be quite wordy and cluttered. Whereas the best outdoor ad I saw was for Coopers Beer (I cant seem to find it on line) and it simply had a bottle of beer and the text underneath simply said …. “If its not in your local……move house”.  Genius.

Well a year later I have managed to track down the ad, and even though I was one word out on the copy, it still resonates with me as a really strong ad.

Anyone appointed a Director of Appreciation?

Over two years ago I posted on this blog about the need for organisations to appoint Directors of Appreciation. At the time I said:

I don’t know. But, outside of its mission, what is the most important thing a non-profit does? In my book it’s…..Appreciate.

As soon as we start to take our donations for granted, we are in trouble. As soon as we don’t treat each donation as a personal gift to us, we are in trouble. As soon as we start to send out mail merged receipts that don’t talk personally about why that person donated, we are in trouble.

I know it is difficult to wade through all the donations we get and treat each one personally, but we need to. We need to invest in this and that is why I believe non-profits need to consider appointing a Director of Appreciation. Their job description is simple:

Make sure that everyone who connects with your cause feels appreciated and ensure that every contact every single staff member has results in the donor feeling special

I think it is time for non-profits to consider such a role in their organisation

I still think this would be one of the most important posts a non profit could fill (I also think lots of companies could benefit from taking on this kind of thinking!)

So has anyone appointed a Director of Appreciation yet?

Free Stuff – sort of!

Bid for a Wii Fit and 2 Free Tickets to Fundraising Irelands Direct Marketing: Maximising the Impact seminar next Friday. The amount you bid gets donated to a charity of your choice!

Its simple all you have to do is tweet your bid and the charity you want to donate to. Use this tweet as your template

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