Kick Start 2011

Most people are back to work today and if you are too I hope you had a great break. No doubt you are sitting down and looking back over 2010 and thinking about the fundraising year ahead. Well if you are Ask Direct have a great half day seminar next week which looks like a great way to help you Kick Start 2011. You can book your tickets here

The seminar, on Friday Jan 14th, 1.30-5.30pm,  will feature Ken Burnett, who  is being flown over especially for the event.

This is a great opportunity to meet, hear and chat to one of the most inspirational fundraising professionals out there. Ken is the author of several books on donor development and communication, including Relationship Fundraising and The Zen of Fundraising. He acted as Chairman of Trustees at ActionAid from 1998 to 2003 and most recently he founded and is  managing trustee for SOFII, the Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration.

Ken plans to talk about things like:

  • How we should make donors feel
  • But, what’s happening to our donors?
  • Seven simple yet transformational concepts.
  • Eight things I don’t want to hear in 2011
  • How to create intangible value.
  • Lessons from cigarette ads.
  • Innovation analysed. And made easy.

The half day seminar will also feature Damian O’Broin who is the Director of Ask Direct, Ireland’s leading fundraising and direct marketing agency. Damian believes that convincing lots of ordinary people to support your cause is vital if you want to achieve your goals and build a sustainable organisation in the process. Damian will be talking about some of the most successful fundraising campaigns from the last 12 months and how you can apply the learning from these to your own work.

We tend to have to wait until March/April before we get a chance to attend something like this, so this is a great opportunity to kick start your year off in an inspirational way.

And if you, like me, come away from sessions like this with lots of ideas and then run out of time to implement them, here is a great post by Jonathan Graspas about how to approach conferences in a way that will maximize them for you….I will be using this for the Kick Start 2011 seminar!

Book your tickets here for Kick Start 2011

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  2. Pingback: FREE Ticket to Kick Start 2011 « Conor Byrne's Blog

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