Outdoor ad: First United Sculptures

First United Canada wanted to show the positive impact of their work and so together with DDB they worked on a campaign that placed statues of homeless people in Vancouver. The statues actually represented real people who once were homeless and had been helped by First United.

The body sculptures were placed at three spots in the city of Vancouver t from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Wednesday, December 8th 2010.

During the full 90 minutes, slightly more than a 1500 people walked past the 3 empty shapes of homelessness. About 80 persons actually stopped to look more closely – or at least showed signs they had noticed there was no actual person present. Six people took photos, and 7 took a slip available at the sculpture that provided the link to a facebook profile (like this). Most people were focused on getting to where they were going and took little notice of the very visible familiar yet extraordinary shape.

When i first saw it I thought it ran for longer and in more locations, but perhaps this was just a test? Its a creative way to play on some of the typical imagery of homelessness, that many homeless organisations are afraid to use, but to use those images/stereotypes to talk about impact. I would be very interested to know when they went into this campaign what they were hoping to achieve and how they measured it?

The link below shows a short video of the campaign, which is worth watching.

Outdoor ad: First United: Sculptures

I came across this on the BestAdsonTV site



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