Coke Happiness Machine

My good friend Karen sent me this just before Christmas and I have just had a chance to look at it now. Talk about feel good! Would love to see more of this kind of thing


6 thoughts on “Coke Happiness Machine

  1. Not a bad ROI – give away a few hundred dollars worth of your product and get over 3 million hits on YouTube. Didn’t know Coke made subs though!

    • not bad at all. They are now looking for people to say where they would like the Happiness Machine to appear.

      Thanks for the comment Bruce

  2. Entertaining! A great memory for the students!

  3. Brilliant Idea- makes me want to design a machine for a Public setting,that hands out Antique Pedal Cars ,Vintage +Retro Planes,Trains,Trikes,Jukeboxes,Turntables;perhaps allowing free rides to youngsters @ Trade Shows would be a good idea ?

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