Red Nose Day Augmented Reality

I am a huge fan of Red Nose day. Every year they up their game. They engage with people so well, I follow them on twitter and even when things are slow (ie out of campaign) they will pop up every now and then with little updates. They did fantastic stuff last week around their celebrity trek (there is another thing they do really well, celeb endorsements).

They also do digital really well. On their site there is a section where you can get code to embed some really nice online ads.

The site itself is well laid out, they have lots to say, which could become overwhelming and confusing, but they manage to keep it interesting and engaging. I am always tempted to go back and see what else I can find. Today I came across their Red Nose Augmented Reality game. Clever, fun, engaging. Check out how some random group of lads (oh they are a boyband) get one with the game.

Well done Red Nose Day, any wonder you keep breaking your previous years record!



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