Coca-Cola ‘Walls’ Music Commercial

Having worked for an American organisation in the UK and Ireland I know how hard it can be to get messaging consistent and appropriate across different markets. So having to come up with an ad that can connect with teenagers in over 100 markets across the world can’t have been an easy task.

Wieden + Kennedy (Amsterdam) have managed it with this ad (scroll down to see it) for Coca Cola music. Information from the Coke site gives some insight into the campaign, thats worth sharing.

the “Walls” commercial brings to life the sacred teenage ritual of grabbing a Coke, cranking up the stereo and enjoying a moment of release through music at the end of their day.

Though they might feel like they are on their own, the teen ritual is one that takes place in homes across the world. Featuring hundreds of teens of different nationalities alongside One Night Only, the ad portrays this universal moment, bringing down the boundaries and uniting teens all over the world through their love for Coke and music.

“Navigating the insecurities that inevitably come with the teen years is never easy. Coke is unencumbered by the drama of life, it is a simple moment of happiness, not unlike rocking out in the privacy of your own room.” comments Mark Bernath, Executive Creative Director of Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam.

An interactive music video for “Can you Feel It” was also shot on the same set. Accessible online on Coca-Cola music sites around the world*, teens will be able to see themselves in the video with the band by filming and uploading their own footage, which can then be shared with friends through their social networks.

“Walls” is the latest work created for the Coca-Cola Open Happiness campaign which has now launched in over 200 markets.

“The work created for ‘Coca-Cola Music’ is perhaps one of the broadest spreads of content that the Company has ever produced that hasnʼt been associated with a global event like the Olympics or the World Cup,” said Jonathan Mildenhall, VP, Global Advertising Strategy and Content Excellence, The Coca-Cola Company, “Teens are the most demanding target audience as far as creativity is concerned and in the way they engage with a brand or campaign. They demand to interact and participate with brands and be a part of the conversation. This program has been designed with that understanding and to enable teens to view, participate and share the content and experiences.”

“Coca-Cola Music” broke first in Germany in January with the launch of the “Walls” TVC. The program will have launched in over 100 markets by the end of 2011.

Ok so maybe we all don’t have the global Coca Cola budgets at our disposal, but its the thinking thats impressive, finding those shared moments that people connect with.  You can also see how they are making sure that this lives in more than one place. All very clever and one worth following


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