Most Honest City in America

This was on the BestAds on tv site last week. I really like most of it, not sure Im so keen on the hidden camera, feels maybe a bit sneaky to show the people that didnt pay? (I get that the hidden camera is central to the campaign, just thought blocking faces may have been nice). I also think there could be more at play to those that didnt pay, maybe they were first there and there was no other dollars in the box signalling what to do?

Anyway aside from that, I think its a good campaign, overall had a nice “feelgood” sentiment about it and the results are pretty impressive.


One thought on “Most Honest City in America

  1. Obviously they didn’t try it in NYC, as they would definitely find we don’t hesitate to give to you straight! J/K. But this does give me an idea for something similar based around social good rather than a product… good post.

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