“Brands move to widen online rewards model”: NMA reports

(original source: New Media Age, March 9th, 2011)

New Media Age is a great resource and yesterday they reported on how brands

…will dramatically reallocate their digital ad budgets this year as they move away from the traditional last-click-wins approach to attribution as more accurate models gain ground.

Brands are looking to reward online channels more accurately and reassess the influcene of each stage of the consumer buying process

Due to the advancements in tracking technology this is now more feasible and Alex Tait, head of ISBA’s Digital Action Group and head of digital marketing at the Post Office, said in the article

“More than ever, advertisers are realising that rewarding just the provider of the last click doesn’t make a lot of sense,” he said. “As digital channels have matured, from being the converter to a way of reaching new audiences, this older world of direct response is colliding with other media and calls for a more holistic way of understanding the customer’s journey.”

The article goes on to say that Virgin Atlantic is now looking to re-evaluate its model from a ‘best click’ one to reconsidering the rewards.

Its head of marketing systems Allison Wightman said, “We’re starting to understand what a move from a last-click model might look like. If you look at the pure results, we would have given up on display a long time ago. It’s easy to cut because it’s not that cheap, but we’re seeing that it does have a role to play.”

Brands are finding that quality news sites like The Telegraph and The Independent are playing a greater role in the customer journey, but they aren’t getting the credit they deserve.

According to Neo@Ogilvy MD Richard Wheaton, such news sites are being “drowned out” by networks which have reach and frequency and take “all the credit” but haven’t influenced the customer. Attribution has shown customers are coming from quality media sites.

“For a lot of our clients it’s about understanding and justifying why they’re doing display. Some of their best performing customers sign up not having clicked but having viewed. If this is what’s happening, we’re not optimising our best-performing media,” said Wheaton.

You can read the full article here


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