Adidas Is All In

Adidas is launching their biggest brand campaign. Aimed at fusing the worlds of sport, music and fashion in which the operate.

(info below sourced from marketwire)

Captured in their natural, authentic surroundings, brand ambassadors from soccer stars Lionel Messi and David Beckham to NBA star Derrick Rose and pop icon Katy Perry to the adidas skateboarding team and many more show that when you love your game, whatever the game, you put your all into it.

“The campaign showcases adidas’ distinctive presence across and into different sports, cultures and lifestyles,” explains Steve Ralph, President of adidas Canada Ltd. “Its creative concept brings together the diversity of the brand under one strong roof. From the court to the catwalk, the stadium to the street, we are giving an authentic statement with credibility only adidas has.”

Montreal-based agency Sid Lee created and produced the global campaign.

“Passion is the driving force behind the creative and the adidas brands demonstrated by the game face, which is raw, spontaneous and speaks directly from the gut,” says Jeff Cooper, adidas Canada’s Director of Marketing. “Our consumers will love this campaign because we recognize they have the same kind of passion whatever their game may be.”

The “all adidas” campaign speaks to a broad consumer group with a clear focus on the 14- to 28–year-old consumers and the way they utilize and consume media today. Directed by Romain Gavras, the campaign is built around a 30- and 60-second version of the commercial for TV and cinema as well as an extended 2-minute version for Online.

Viewers and fans can then continue the conversation with adidas online through social platforms such as Facebook, where adidas serves up daily, in-depth exclusive content from the various parts of the brand – from new product releases to competitions for Katy Perry tickets and much more. adidas already engages in excess of 10 million fans of the brand on a regular basis across these platforms. In addition, the creative will come to life in a complete through-the-line offering, including mobile, retail, activation events and print.

The “all adidas” campaign takes place throughout 2011 in a mix of environments from sport to music, lifestyle to fashion with different elements rolling out over the year. It will be teased before it kicks off with the global launch of the hero advert film on March 16th, 2011.

Check out the ad below and then also check out the launch in Paris, really needs to be seen, here is the link.[Intro] adidas Is All In Projection Mapping feat. DJ Cut Killer from viacomit on Vimeo.



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