World Autism Awareness Day

Lisa Domican posted this on her blog last week. Its World Autism Awareness Day tomorrow and to mark it you can download the fantastic Grace App for Free. Read this to understand a bit more about this wonderful app. Please feel free to re-post this and share the news.
Many kids with autism or speech delay use pictures attached to a board to ask for what they need or say how they feel. These boards are stored in a book which they have to carry around with them. Even if and when they begin to say a few words, they may be difficult to understand and so they rely on a growing picture vocabulary which can become very unwieldy. As the mother of a severely autistic little girl with a few words but many pictures, I wanted to keep supporting her speech development by prompting her to use her own voice – with the support of her pictures anywhere.
And that is where the Grace App for Autism came in.
Grace App replicates the picture exchange system by storing a basic picture vocabulary of Foods, and things the user might need or want with a function for making a sentence.
It can be used on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. On the smaller devices you tilt and the cards are enlarged for you to point and read together. iPad works on Landscape or Portrait view with the pictures big enough to be read easily without enlargement.
There is also a facility for finding, taking and sharing photographs of all the other things that you may need or want. You can sort the pictures into categories, delete those you don’t need and teach the child or user to add their own independently-:
Giving them power over their communication choices.

It is a simple and portable means of prompting communication and mutual understanding –
which leads to trust.
Grace App was created with the support of O2 Telefonica and developed by Steven Troughton-Smith.
Thanks to the support and feedback of the wider Autism community, Grace App has been improved and we are delighted to be launching a major update.

And to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day on 2nd April, we’re setting the App to free.Anyone who uploads Grace App on the day will own it forever and will get all updates free AND It can be shared with up to 30 devices per iTunes account to support Autism Classes and Schools.
For more information and to download the Grace App System Manual, please see our website
You can also support the drive for collecting old 3G iPhones and iPods/iPads at The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism -including our own MyCharity Link
Everybody deserves the right to say what they want. Listen and you will also get to know what they like and need, and maybe get to know them a bit better.


One thought on “World Autism Awareness Day

  1. Hi Conor – thanks for sharing. The App is showing as paid again at the moment but we are working to fix that so please if you are trying – keep checking in. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. (trying to wake up developer who works all night to get him to change it)

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