What I See

I like the P&G thank you mom ad (although I think the ‘sponsor of moms’ line is unnessecary). This is a great new ad though for them celebrating the Special Olympics. I think they have really capture this families story well and with incredible emotion. I didnt know they were a global sponsor of Special Olympics. Nice piece of work


2 thoughts on “What I See

  1. I on the other hand really didn’t like the thank you ad. It was too mawkish for me. Also, I didn’t think they worked it well for themselves, yet it felt quite opportunistic. Strategically however the shift between that one and this is huge, and apart from making themselves extremely recessive in it (kudos), they’re taking on an area which most people don’t go to because it’s off their radar. Big thumbs up for that, and terrifically executed to boot.

    • This one is 10 times better than the other ad, no doubt. I still like the other one, although I felt the sponsor of mums line was just awful. You cant declare you own that space.

      I keep watching this ad though and I get goosebumps every time I do.

      Thanks for commenting Nick

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