ISPCC ad – I can’t wait until I grow up

The ISPCC launched their Childline stats earlier this week along with a new campaign. The PR says that:

The campaign, which will run for the month of May, highlights that childhood is supposed to be one of the happiest and safest times in a child’s life, yet for many Irish children who contact Childline this is simply not the case

This ad won’t run on TV it will only live online (from what I can tell) and the campaign will be supported by radio ads (on FM104) and press ads in the Mail.

So what do you think of the campaign? When it was posted on there were mixed feelings with comments like these:

  • But a referendum won’t stop that happening? we already have laws against all that happens in that ad, total sensationalism
  • I think it’s called ‘raising awareness’
  • The violence isn’t credible. That weakens the emotive argument and, other than that, there isn’t really an argument they are making here (child abuse is bad? I already thought that, why should I join/fund the ISPCC?).
  • will it help in getting donations? If so then is it a bad thing.

After you watch it, how do you feel?


One thought on “ISPCC ad – I can’t wait until I grow up

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