What to do next?

TOMS shoes have been around for just 4 years now and in that time they have given away (so also sold) over 1 million pairs of shoes. Their social business model is simple, you buy a pair of shoes and we give a pair of shoes to children in need around the world. Simple.

Backing it up those is a good product. They started out with just one type of shoe and then extended their range. While there is still more to do for TOMS in the shoe space (ie sell more shoes)…Butwhere do they go to next.

Here founder Blake Mycoskie explains their new range. (again a great product backs up his idea).

Congrats to TOMS and best of luck with the new range. Now all I ask is that you find a supplier here to sell more of your stuff!!

P.S. I like the virtual try-on section to their site


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