Greenpeace: VW Dark Side Campaign

You have probably seen and heard of this. They have taken off the VW Super Bowl ad (which was awesome). Not only have they done a great job on the ad re-make (which I have below in case you havent seen it), their VW Dark Side supporting site is very nice, using all the star wars terminology to keep the message consistent.

They have also incentivized you to get supporters and make it easy too. Once you start you get an email that tells you that you are now a trainee Jedi. You are then encouraged to recruit others:

Every person who visits your page will give you 1 Force Point. Everyone who joins the Rebellion through your page will give you 5 Force Points.

As your power grows, you’ll unlock special tools and companions to help your Rebellion grow.

If you complete all the skills and companions you’ll receive a limited edition Greenpeace t-shirt, to use when your Jedi robes need a break.

Join us – you’re our only hope.

The site is charming and engaging and successful, so far 173,000 people have joined the rebellion. It is hard to believe VW arent hearing the noise Greenpeace are making.

Join the force yourself, you can check out my page here!


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