Getting your App right

Probably the most talked about app at the moment is the Budweiser Ice Cold app. Despite the small glitch (well it was massive) early on, it is a really clever little app. The idea is simple, when the weather in Ireland starts to get warm, you can cool down with a money off voucher (or even free) Budweiser Ice Cold. (I wonder are HB going mad they didnt think of this idea?).

This is a drink I would never have even considered purchasing (maybe Im not the target market) but a few weeks back I was out and I used my free pint to try it out. I was about to have another (free) pint using the bonus pint on the app, but I wasn’t allowed use it more than once in a night (which I thought was a bit daft) so I actually ended up buying something else, probably out of frustration.

The app is really simple to use, I know I check it to see if the day is hot enough, almost every day (even if Im not drinking, which is most days). It is relevant, the supporting campaigns are simple and effective. All in all I think its a great app. I don’t get out much (ahhh) but next time I am I will use my new bonus pint and if Im feeling the Bud Ice love, may even stick to drinking it.


Probably a lesser talked about app is the new Radio Soulwax app that has recently been released. Now here is an app (if you like music). Its free, and when you download it you have access to fantastic mixes.  You can stream these hour long mixes or download them (yes free) to your phone.  The app is as much a visual spectacle as it is audio,each mix  comes with some incredible video content. This is an incredibly relevant app, that offers real value. And I dont mean that its free, this would be worth paying for. But it is valueable to people who love this style of music.

So we are all thinking about apps now, especially when ones like these work so well and create the cut through for a brand. But I think what works about these is that they are central to the idea, the app hasnt been developed to support something, everything else supports the app. I also think (and I repeat myself here) that they are relevant and of great value.


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