The Other You

Jonathan Grapsas posted a link this morning on Twitter about a campaign called The Other You. And I was intrigued.

I had no idea who or what it was for and when I got to the site, it wasn’t all together clear (not a bad thing). I really liked the idea behind the piece.  Essentially that there is another you, a person who, if you had the time would do great things to help people.

Action Aid is recognising that its not that people dont care. Its that people dont have the time. But Action Aid have people who they employ to do these things, in the places that you would be if you had that time. So you can help make these things happen by supporting their work.

I think its a nice insight and its a different way of looking for funds. Its also project focussed. The microsite is good, simple to use. When you pick a project you meet actual Action Aid staff and read their story and what they do (videos may have been nice here).

I do think I was left feeling a bit meh after this video though, that would be my only gripe. Overall I think its a nice idea built on a good insight.

What do you think?

What would the other you do? from ActionAid Australia on Vimeo.


One thought on “The Other You

  1. Felt it to be a bit dated ..tbh. There are somne great videos doing the rounds and this appears to be a bit ‘simple’or something.

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