Tweet Sweets

Yesterday, if you were following me on twitter, you may have seen the hashtag #tweetsweets from me- ALOT.

It is something that was worked on in Brando over the past six weeks or so and went live yesterday. And I can’t lie…its awesome! People often wonder how you can bring online into the real world…well this is a great example.

So what is it all about…well

All of us at brando like sweets. So we made (well I had nothing to do with the making, Ill be honest) a twitter operated gumball machine that delivers sweets when people tweet us, just using the hashtag #tweetsweets.

We set up a webcam so people can watch us run to the machine when it tweets (we have it hooked up so there is a tweet sound every time someone tweets)

So tomorrow if you have a chance, check out this little piece of digital magic here, and tweet us and watch us eat sweets! We may even send some out to you!


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