Disney’s Millions

It’s nice when you have a partner like Disney isn’t it! 3 years ago they committed to raise 10 million for Great Ormond Street, Im not sure where that 10 million was coming from (staff, customers, or their own pockets?). But I know at least 1 million is coming from Disney HQ.

They are asking people to share their first Disney memories on their Facebook page and when they hit a million memories they will give a million pounds to GOSH.

This of course makes sense for Disney, if you read some of the memories you can see how this is working.  Get people to think about how their first Disney memory made them feel it will increase the glow around the brand perception, the fact that each memory helps activate a major gift, just adds to the halo effect of all this.  From a GOSH perspective, its just a perfect fit.

Nice big partnership, am I missing something in not finding fault (part of me thinks Disney could have elevated a smaller charity to new heights instead of partnering with the giant that is GOSH). So far there are over 4,000 memories, how long will it take to hit the million?

What do you think about the campaign?


2 thoughts on “Disney’s Millions

  1. A million Disney memories seems like a lot! What do you think Conor?

    • I dont know, could be a struggle. I think they won’t want to fail though. To be fair reading it made me think about my Disney memories too! (mostly being there for conferences, bad food, and over priced!!)

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