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Probably a little obvious to post about this today, but I really like the Electric Ireland competition. Its like the old radio promos that 98FM used to do,  “The Fugitive”. They give a clue and then you have to find the Fugitive. But instead of having people driving around the city like lunatics, today saw people sitting in front of their computer screens – like lunatics.

It was really interesting to see the level of interest in the office today for the competition. There were two groups (almost rival teams) tweeting and checking back into the app A LOT to see if the map had been updated.

In case you missed it here is what the campaign is about


Clearly inspired by this idea from VW Brazil – but thats ok. Some of the best ideas are borrowed – right?


The prize isnt exactly amazing, its good (5 tickets to Electric Picnic) but its not 5 VIP all expenses paid tickets. So why did this competition get more interest and hype than any of the other ones that have been run (take the Vodafone one for example).

I think the element of team work that was involved really helped create a sense of engagement. The fact that you had to check in to the map to see where the tickets were going to be was very addictive. I think the online and offline element of it worked very well, it wasn’t just about sitting at your computer, you had to get out there and find the sparkhead in the real world. (the folks here in the office took a planned approach to this, one stayed in the office while the other went out into the streets to find the secret location).

This was  something different to this market and it worked really well. I would love to see results. I wonder how many tweets it took to complete the reveal?

Anyway well done Electric Ireland, a good campaign (and well done on no crashes to the site or app either!) Check it out here. Any thoughts on how you could use this idea?


4 thoughts on “Share The Energy

  1. Just another treasure hunt really. Dublin station Phantom did something similar over the airwaves with the Picnic In The Park which I was involved in. Teams of people started staking out parks that hadn’t yet featured in the competition.

    I would disagree with you about the prize – it’s pretty good. 5 tickets amounts to almost a grand at face value and EP tickets are sought after. In yesteryear when all was good, such prizes went unnoticed. Nowadays, music fans are very conscious of the value of a free festival ticket.

    Wonder how much traction they got from the QR code on the front of the Metro Herald today? I had come across the FB app a while back and signed up, got an e-mail reminder last week but to be honest would have done nothing about it until picking up the MH this morning and seeing the QR code on the front page.

    • Thanks for the comment Brian. Yeh, it is a treasure hunt, but its nicely done. Same idea as the fugitive or probably the Phantom Comp (didnt see that one). But they work, its just good to see it evolve.

      Im not saying the prize isnt good. I just mean that its not a VIP all singing all dancing prize with Limos and backstage passes. Its free tickets to a festival (a festival that isnt even sold out). So to see the buzz around it, given that, says they have the idea right. I do agree the tickets (and I like that its 5 not 2) have a decent value…so many people here want to go to EP and can’t afford it. Would love to see results from this whole campaign. I tried the QR code out this morning, nice mobile site. Are they doing radio ads to support it aswell do you know?

  2. I thought it was a brilliant competition. I found out about it through, joined on the Friday and there was about 2,000 likes on Electric Ireland Facebook page. This morning when I was all geared up for Share The Energy, there was nearly 5k likes on the page!

    Nevertheless, I chanced it and I tweeted several times the hashtag, well more like about 70 odd times! I got well excited and decided to actually go for it, so I went into town having a feeling it was going to be in Wilton Terrace. The reasons being is that the office where I work sometimes is based there and my bus route 140 stops at Wilton Terrace. Plus had a really good vibe about it. So I headed in, checking twitter all the time and of course the app. Arrived at the scene and seen about 100 people scattered all over the area looking at their phones, frantically looking around, some people on bikes, others on foot.

    I decided to walk along the main road opposite the canal, stopped about 3/4 of the way to get in a shaded area so I could see my phone, refreshed it and it revealed it to my location! The EXACT spot where I was stood. People started looking at me and coming over but weren’t too sure. Then a white van drove up the road and indicated to park where I was standing. He pulled up in front of me (the passenger door was right in front of me as was the handle for the side door). The driver got out and went to the back where I thought he was going to let Sparky out! One guy came over across the road, looked in the van and seen him and shouted “HE’S IN THERE!!!” then I heard the side door open! FUCK! I ran back around but the big guy got in front of me and caught him first.

    UNLUCKY FOR ME! If only I had stayed in that exact spot and didn’t budge I would have caught him when he jumped out the door. I even stopped at that exact spot. Them tickets should have been mine!

    Oh well!

    Took a photo of him and found him on Twitter and seen that he only posted the hashtag twice. Is that justice???? Or am I bitter? LOL!

    Here’s the pic of him –


    • Thanks for the comment Caroline, sounds like you were totally engaged with the campaign. I just saw a video of the Dublin winner and a girl from our office was so close to winning!

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