Blue September

Mens Cancer is starting to own the colour blue. Some smart people in Irish cancer related charities spotted this clever campaign from the Southern Hemisphere and have jumped on board with it.

They are trying to own the month (similar I suppose to Movember) and get people to

“host a blue event, by either painting their faces blue one day in September, hosting a blue themed day in work or to create a completely new blue idea to raise vital funds”

(can we stop using the word vital in charity press releases and ads ….please!) 

I like that the folks here and in the UK are working with something that has clearly been a success in other territories. Smart not to try and re-invent the wheel. It is great also to see people working in partnership (ie charities working together). The face painting piece is quite childlike and would probably work well in schools, but not sure this campaign idea translates well into that market. So I wonder what the organisers are finding people doing (anyone reading that can shed any light, I would love to hear how it is going almost half way through year 1).

They seem pretty active on Twitter and Facebook which is good. (although the posts are the same on both sites!)

What are your thoughts on the campaign?


2 thoughts on “Blue September

  1. Hello Conor, thanks for your thoughts on the campaign.

    Our focus in year 1 is to build awareness for the campaign here in Ireland and to build people’s awareness of the campaign here in Ireland. In NZ in Year 1 it raised a small sum but in Year 4 they have targetted to raise 1.5m as last year they raised 1m.

    The idea of the face paint is that we are getting men to ‘face up’ to cancer so its key to the campaign message and certainly has generated a lot of media interest especially when people like Brian Mc Fadden, Lar Corbett are spotted with blue paint on their face. When we start to put on the blue paint initially it makes our ambassadors feel a little uncomfortable. We know thats how some men feel when they think they may need to go to the doctor to have a DRE or have a doctor check their testicles for lumps and bumps so again its at the heart of the campaign.

    We have secured well in excess of €50,000 in corporate support to fund the campaign as well which you have to agree in the current climate is a good result. As well as a number of strategic partners like Newstalk and Expresso Ads.

    Mr. Blue 😉

    • Thanks Mr.Blue/Sheridan!

      Great to hear how the campaign grew in NZ, it clearly has legs. I like how you say that the paint made the ambassadors feel uncomfortable…there is something in that in terms of your comms I would think. Would complete the circle.

      Would love to hear fundraising results when you get them in if you are willing to share them. Or even your own thoughts on the campaign.

      I think its one that will be around for a good few years though, I really like it.

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