Gaming for Good

This is a nice programme from my old colleagues at Children’s Miracle Network. They are tapping into the incredibly big and lucrative gaming community to raise funds. Clever to be piggy-backing on something that people are already doing. I know nothing about gaming, but I know how popular it is, and if you look at some of the top fundraisers on the site, they are raising some serious money.

Here is how it works:

Play your favorite Xbox 360® games on October 1 and raise money for children’s hospitals. Sign up to participate and gather donations from friends and family — the more you play, the more they give.

It’s easy:

Click on the Register Now! button to register and create your personal fundraising page.

Raise money by asking your friends and family to donate money for each hour you plan on playing Xbox 360 games on October 1.

Play video games on Xbox LIVE on October 1 for the number of hours you promised.

So start gathering donations from friends and family today!

G3 begins at exactly 8 a.m. in your local time zone on Saturday, Oct. 1, and ends at 8 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 2

Simple! Clever and taps into a market that lots of people arent looking at. Well done CMN. Find out more here

PS. Hospitals in Cork, Belfast and Edinburgh are benefitting from this too





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