Mobile Giving

I had an interesting (albeit brief) conversation on twitter last night, which was kicked off by this post from Paul De Gregorio talking about mobile giving. He makes some great points and it is well worth a read.

I asked Paul, Stuart Glen and Tim O’Dea what they thought about apps that are exclusively about giving. I have seen a few of them and posted about them. My concern with them is whether or not a person would be bothered to download an app that purely allows them to donate.

Is there any real market for that? I haven’t been convinced by any that I have seen. I don’t see any real appeal for a consumer in downloading such an app.When I asked Paul, Stuart and Tim what they thought, they all seemed to agree.

I have seen some examples of charities trying to do other things around the idea, like this one from the Eve appeal, where you send a kiss and donate a pound. Interesting idea, in that you get something for your pound, but is it engaging enough or of enough value to have me download it and come back to it.

Stuart shared this example from breakthrough breast cancer in the UK. This is a great example, in my opinion, of how it should be done.

So well done Breakthrough Breast Cancer


2 thoughts on “Mobile Giving

  1. I think Marie Curie Cancer Care in the UK had a fundraising app, though it’s not available on the app store anymore so I can’t play with it!

    More successful apps, I think, emphasise awareness (like iHobo) or some kind of service value to the user (like the Breakthrough one above).

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