Get Well Soup

I saw this on Simply Zesty, Heinz Soup UK have launced a Get Well Soup tin. When I saw it first I thought it was a fantastic idea, personalised can of soup for someone who is sick. They then get the soup delivered to them. It is launching at a time when people get colds (feed a cold right!?) and so it all seems pretty clever and thoughtful too (imagine sending your loved one a personalised can of soup).

I think there are some bits of this that aren’t totally thought out (maybe I am wrong here so feel free to tell me). But it takes 4-5 days to send the soup – by that time you will be over the cold and will it just feel a bit off the mark, not as thoughtful? Then when you read the, not too small, but small print, you see a warning that you better make sure you are at home, coz tins of soup dont fit into most letterboxes.

So while there is something in this, I would have thought these would be pretty big things to get right? No?


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