The $300,000 T-Shirt

This cotton t-shirt will set you back $300,000 – I kid you not:

And I think it is genius!

BBH New York and UNICEF have teamed up with Threadless and NYC artist collective Christine and Justin Gignac to launch Good Shirts: a clothing line priced to help.

Here is the genius piece

Each Good Shirt is sold at the exact cost of the aid item depicted on the front of the shirt. So, in the case of the cargo plane, the shirt is the exact price of a cargo plane to transport aid – $300,000.  Of course not everyone can afford this t-shirt so there are shirts for every budget, starting at $18.57- the cost of three insecticide treated mosquito nets.

Apart from anything, these t-shirts actually look good. You can see the shirts here (thanks to Paul De Gregorio for the link to this on twitter)






2 thoughts on “The $300,000 T-Shirt

  1. It is isn’t it. Really smart

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