Engagement – Fashionable Yet Bankrupt

This was one of the most thought provoking posts I have read in  a long time.  It is a post by Martin Weigel, head of planning at W&K Amsterdam, so he kind of knows his stuff!

Its a bit ranty in places and I am left asking the question at the end “Well what is the answer”. But its a post that you really should take the time to read. I will warn you now its long, so give yourself the time.

In the post Martin challenges some of  “the sillier and more excessive claims being made for what’s termed ‘engagement’”. He argues against the belief in some quarters that “the world has turned on its axis, that whole categories of human behaviour are dead… that humanity has adopted an entirely new mindset, that the old truths are outmoded, and that we must sign up to a new and universal truth, simplify the world too much”.

He outlines the 9 bad habits of engagement thinking as:

  1. Assuming engagement is a metric
  2. Claiming ‘engagement’ is something entirely new
  3. Failing to recognise ‘engagement’ is an intermediate measure
  4. Assuming that interruption is dead
  5. Assuming that more ‘engagement’ is the route to more loyalty
  6. Overestimating people’s appetite for participation
  7. Treating ‘engagement’ as if it had intrinsic value
  8. Assuming that people care deeply about brands
  9. Staring down the wrong end of the telescope

Read the post here

Better than socks

This is a nice campaign by The Scoop. It is hard to make any noise at Christmas and I think what works here is that the presents they are auctioning off seem to be attainable but are things you couldn’t normally get someone  (like a walk on part to a soap). Hope it goes well for them

X-Factor Shows Online Social Media is for Social Online Brands

I don’t watch the x-factor..honest (can you believe the bottom two this weekend….seriously…at this stage in the competition no one is safe!)

I read this great post on Sunday morning from the BrandGym Blog…its a great blog worth following. It talks about how and why social media is relevant for certain brands. It is relevant when your brand is social and online.


Today I had a moment of clarity about social media and why its more relevant for certain brands. The penny dropped with a loud clang when I was looking at the X-Factor* on facebook (yes, we’re big fans in the Taylor household). The UK TV show’s facebook page has a whopping 3.7million Likes The clue is in the name. Online social media is most relevant if your brand is: 1) social, and 2) online.

* Reality TV programme with singers, similar to Idols in other markets


The X-Factor is SOCIAL

The X-Factor is a social brand. Its watched by groups of people. And its the sort of TV programme people have always talked about, well before facebook and Twitter. We want to talk about who’s been kicked off the show and why, what the judges wore (Mrs Taylor’s main focus) and who will win. Social media simply helps facilitate and amplify the shared experience and conversations.


The second key point is that the X-Factor is an entertainment brand. Andresearch shows that the major reason for liking a facebook page is “fun”. What’s more, there is a stream of new news coming out daily about the brand that people want to keep up to date on.

The X-Factor is ONLINE

This is the killer point. Social media is not only a comms channel, its a revenue driver. The X-Factor generates revenue online by people buying iTunes tracks of the week’s songs and the Xmas song, as you can see below on one of the contestant’s facebook pages. Another revenue driver is encouraging mobile phone voting for who stays on the show.


So, what about your brand. Here are 3 questions you can ask. Give yourself a score for each, to see how relevant social media is for your brand:

1. Is your brand social: did people talk about your brand before social media existed? Is it a shared experience?: score out of 25

2. Is your brand entertaining: would people want to buy your brand’s magazine or TV programme?: score out of 25

3. Is your brand online: how direct is the link from online media to brand purchase? Can I click or call to buy direct from social media, or is social media more of a comms channel?: score out of 50

I’d give X-Factor 95%.

What about your brand?

In an up-coming post, I’ll look at the 10 biggest UK grocery brands’ use of social media to explore the issue further.

Tweet Em Home for Christmas

ESB seem to be developing on what they did during the summer with Electric Picnic. They are using the power of twitter to drive cars across Ireland.

Three teams of celebs  will  take part in a two-day drive across Ireland on December 8th and 9th where their cars will be powered by tweets. The drivers of the cars will be mere mortals (ie the likes of you and me). Charities that benefit include Concern and ISPCC

Mercedes did this a while ago, but its still a nice idea.

Euro 2012

So Ireland are through….what are Irish Fundraisers going to do to piggy back on the feel good factor next summer. There is a huge opportunity here folks…so thinking caps on I think

Santa Tag – QR codes

I will be honest and say that normally I find QR codes a bit boring. But I thought this was a great use of the technology, you may have seen it already on Mashable 

John Lewis Christmas Ad

They seem to get it right every year. Love this ad (my only problem is the clock in the bedroom on Christmas morning is set at 8am – what kid wakes at 8am!)