Growing Philanthropy

Unfortunately this isn’t a post about the governments plans to grow philanthropy in Ireland, but its not. However it is a report that should be read by anyone who is interested in growing philanthropy.

This report is from Indiana University, with Blackbaud. There is the full report here and the executive summary here. So ditch the morning papers, get the coffee on and get reading!

In case you are wondering is it worth it….here is a summary of the findings…now go read!

The need for greater education of boards and other nonprofit practitioners was highlighted many times in this paper. If philanthropy is to be increased, board members must be willing to take the actions necessary not only to steward their own long-term income, but also to steward the philanthropy of the sector .
 Similarly, a number of barriers to giving were highlighted, caused by public misconceptions of the sector and the manner in which it, and fundraising in particular, now operate . The need to educate fundraisers was also clear . Improving the supply side of philanthropy was felt to be critical in enhancing the quality of the donor experience .
The sector also needs a substantive investment in fundraising infrastructure, including the provision of a new and dedicated body whose role would be to focus on compiling the evidence base necessary to grow philanthropy . A research center collating relevant research from a wide range of different
scientific disciplines, and conducting and commissioning its own research was felt to be a necessity . It is astonishing how little effort has currently been applied to helping fundraisers to do a better job of creating an environment conducive to philanthropy.
Finally, we end where we began by highlighting the need for nonprofits to reconceptualize the nature of the supporter relationship . Instead of viewing donors as a source of revenue and maximizing the value of that relationship, they need instead to focus more on the individual and the articulation of that person’s philanthropy . Only when we stop asking for money and instead ask individuals to reflect on their own philanthropic identity will the needle truly be moved on giving



One thought on “Growing Philanthropy

  1. Thank you for sharing this Conor, all I can say is “Amen!”

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